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Our Different Tire Tread Patterns

May 15, 2021

Why are there different types of tread patterns?

Tread patterns are designed to maximize the tire’s life within the application the machine will be operating. For example, the most common tread type you will see for heavy industrial equipment will be a “chevron” type tread. The biggest reason is most of the equipment will be working in dirt or areas where there are no smooth surfaces. Tire grip would be the primary consideration for this type of tread pattern.

However, that same tread pattern will not be ideal for an indoor “concrete” type application. In an indoor operation, you have fewer of the “elements”; therefore, grip is not the primary consideration. In this setting, tire wear would be the primary consideration; thus, a semi-smooth or smooth tire would be ideal for this type of application.

Sentry Tire has over 10 types of tread patterns to choose from. All of these patterns are built using computer modeling and simulation. A sample is made and tested in the field, and the data collected is reviewed before mass production.

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