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Read on about the difference between solid OTR tires and mold-on tires to decide which is better suited for your machine.
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What's the difference between wide footprint solid tires and standard footprint solid tires?
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Find out how non-marking tires are made and why they may be beneficial to your business and machine application.

Do you know how to maximize solid tire life? Investing in a set of solid tires can be costly, so ensuring that you follow best practices will ensure that your investment provides a good return.
Tire tread patterns are designed to maximize the tire’s life within the application the machine will be operating. Sentry Tire has over 10 types of patterns to choose.
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When looking at Sentry Tire solid tires, you'll notice that there are two options when it comes to deflector holes. Here's why there are tires with one hole and tires with two holes on the tire's sidewall.  
Heavy equipment machines come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the application in which you will utilize your machines, there are specific types of tires for each application.
Sentry Tire Duramax Series Tires have made a name in the industry as a cost-effective and reliable tire replacement solution. Learn why.
What is ply rating, and why is it essential in selecting pneumatic tires for my application?
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What does the Duraeco stamp on the side of my Sentry solid tire mean? Learn about the durable Sentry Tire Duraeco Series...
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What is Kolossus, and why is it stamped on the side of some Sentry Tire loader and telehandler tires? Learn about the Sentry Tire Kolossus Series.
When on the job, you want to avoid flat tires on your machine. While both foam-filled tires and solid pneumatic tires prevent flats, there are notable differences between them.
Sentry Tire chooses the 3-stage tire approach in the construction of our tires. The layers work together to achieve the perfect balance of maximum wear and durability.
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Do you know when to replace solid tires? Knowing the signs that your tires need replacement soon can save you a lot of time, money, and headache.
Why would you want to replace the OEM pneumatic tires that came with your machine and upgrade to solid tires? Well, there's several benefits to switching to solid tires.
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The holes that are built into the sidewall of Sentry tires are known as Deflector Holes (or Aperture Holes). They are vital to maximizing each tire’s quality and operating life.
What types of applications are solid tires best suited for? Over our 15+ year history, our tires have helped the following industries increase their efficiency and reduce machine maintenance.