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Sentry Tire Kolossus Series of Loader and Telehandler Tires

April 12, 2021

What is Kolossus, and why is it stamped on the side of my loader or telehandler tires?

We make big tires for big machines, and to really emphasize that, we came up with the name that we thought would illustrate how big our tires can get. Kolossus represents the biggest and best of our tire offerings.

The key to producing a large solid tire is having the most consistent raw materials as a base and adding consistent manufacturing quality control systems to the process. If there is even a minor fluctuation in temperature during the curing process, the resulting tire can respond unpredictably in some of the harsh environments in which our tires are used.

The larger the tire, the longer the curing process takes, the more important the quality control systems become in the manufacturing process. Considering how expensive loaders and telehandlers are, we are very serious about producing the highest quality and most consistent tires on the market because downtime costs time, energy, and money.

Kolossus represents the best of our products. We are proud that through our long history and proven track record, Kolossus has been a formidable tire that our customers trust time and time again. Although our tires are proven in the field, we continually try to advance our tires’ performance. We have also recently created a new tire compound known as HD, which we will cover in another article.

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