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Solid Pneumatic vs. Press-On Tires

May 3, 2021

Heavy equipment machines come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the application in which you will utilize your machines, there are specific types of tires for each application.

Press-On Tires

Solid press-on band tires have a metal band bonded into the rim base of the tire. There are three primary advantages of this design:

  • Creates a really strong, hard tire that provides maximum durability. 
  • Allows equipment to carry heavier loads. 
  • The tire’s operating life is generally the longest of any industrial tire product because they are so durable.

Solid press-on band tires are primarily used in indoor warehouse/distribution type applications. The disadvantage for these tires is that the ride quality is severely degraded, which might cause driver injuries. Also, not all machines can utilize press-on tires. If your machine comes with pneumatic (air) tires, it can be very costly to convert to press-on tires. 


Solid Pneumatic Tires

Solid Pneumatics, sometimes called Resilient Tires, are solid tires designed like a regular industrial air tire (Bias Tire or Radial Tire) but retain the solid core properties of a press-on solid tire. The primary advantages for this design are:

  • The tires offer a similar ride compared to air tires and are much softer than press-on solids.
  • If your machine comes from the factory with air tires, you can use your existing wheels on solid pneumatics without costly conversions. 
  • The tires still provide similar durability as the press-on.

You can use solid pneumatics for both indoor and outdoor applications. The only real disadvantage for solid pneumatic tires is that their durability is not as strong compared to press-on tires. Although rare, since there is no base steel band, there is a small chance for the wheel to slip on the tire if it is not built correctly.

With so many different applications and operating scenarios, we understand you may be overwhelmed with selecting the right tire for your job. Not to worry, a Sentry Tire professional is always standing by to assist. So if you have any questions, please feel to contact us any time.

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