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In What Environments Are Sentry Solid Tires Used?

February 1, 2021

What types of applications are solid tires best suited for?

With so many types of machine makes and models and even more types of applications and job sites, it’s critically important to understand what kinds of applications are best suited for solid tires. Over the years, we have had customers put our tires in a myriad of different applications, and with every new application, we are proud to see them as real-world tests of our tire designs and engineering.

Over our 15+ year history, our tires have helped the following industries increase their efficiency by reducing their machine downtime and maintenance:

  • Waste transfer stations
  • ​Scrap Yards
  • Landfills
  • Metal recycling yards
  • Paper recycling yards
  • Waste Recycling Centers
  • Glass Recycling
  • Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping
  • Oil Fields
  • Lumber Operations
  • Mining Operations

Our tires come with tires and wheels assembled for our Skid-steer, Loader, and Telehandler series, which provides easy installation. Simply take off the old tire and wheel and mount the new ones on your machine. Minimize machine downtime and keep your fleet going. Special fitments for older machine models are also available.

Material Handling Applications

No matter if you are a small warehouse or a large logistics facility, put solid tires on your equipment, and you have one less thing to maintain. Solid tires allow you to carry a heavier load on your forklift vs. traditional pneumatic tires. Also, they provide improved machinery stability, which enhances safety to all in your facility. No need to check the tire pressure constantly. No need to worry about punctures that can cause costly efficiencies to your operations.

Waste and Scrap Applications

In waste and scrap applications, the type of materials that your equipment will run over can be varied and unpredictable. You can never anticipate what types of materials you will drive over, so it is imperative to have solid tires to ensure that you don’t have unnecessary punctures and downtime. Having the confidence that your tires are flat-proof will increase safety for the operator and the owner of that yard.

Every operator’s safety is incredibly important for any business. In using Sentry solid tires, you gain that peace of mind knowing that the operator of any piece of machinery will have a stable and flat-proof operation no matter what they encounter. You will also eliminate unnecessary downtime, which is incredibly costly.

Construction, Demolition, and Landscaping

Feedback from our customers in construction, demolition, and landscaping has illustrated that it’s difficult to predict what type of materials you’ll encounter when working with variable job sites.

Over the years, we’ve heard failures from cuts in foam-filled tires as well as multiple punctures per day from things like nails and lumber. Having to stop the operation of a machine for repairs or replacements of tires is a cost that most operations cannot afford. With our long-lasting and extraordinary resilient solid tires, you will have maximum uptime no matter the conditions. Also, be sure to look at our popular VD pattern, which has large grooves in its pattern to give you traction in all sorts of terrains. You can learn more about it here.

Using Tracks on Solids

When using tracks on your equipment, you can technically use solid tires or pneumatic tires. However, our skid steer solid tires work with most steel tracks, which is an added benefit depending on your application.

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